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Our History

From Small Beginnings Come Very Big Things

Founded in 1982 as the Del Sol Food Company, Inc., BRIANNAS Fine Salad Dressings grew out of a desire to create a superior product with family pride and consistent high quality. BRIANNAS signature salad dressings originally began in Austin, Texas, handcrafted in small batches in a little family kitchen. We’re proud to have now grown to become a world-class brand with an extremely passionate consumer following.

In 2019, BRIANNAS made salad dressing history again with the launch of our new Organic Salad Dressings. Bursting with our famous flavor and made with only premium organic ingredients, they offer consumers an organic counterpart to some of our most beloved dressings, as well as several new varieties. They are organic dressings like only BRIANNAS can create!


Our Vision for Growth is Much Larger Than Salad Dressing Alone

In 2017, Del Sol Food Company joined the Sabormex family of leading companies under La Costeña Group. Based in Mexico City, La Costeña Group is a globally recognized leader in the packaged foods industry, with Sabormex producing the top-selling salad dressing in Mexico. From the start, this acquisition was a mutually beneficial partnership between two companies with shared values and ideals.

We are both family-owned, financially strong, and fully committed to our customers, employees, and communities. The support of Sabormex allows us to meet increased demand through expanded facilities and product lines without compromising our values, philosophy, or products. BRIANNAS is proudly headquartered in Brenham, Texas making delicious salad dressings with the same commitment to using only the finest ingredients and an unwavering dedication to quality.

BRIANNAS is Global

BRIANNAS goes global! You can find our salad dressing on shelves in Canada, England, France, Brazil, Mexico and Thailand.


  • 1982
    Del Sol Food Company, Inc. is founded in Austin, Texas
  • 1984
    Our operations move from Austin to Chappell Hill, Texas
  • 1992
    We begin selling our product as BRIANNAS Fine Salad Dressings
  • 2006
    We establish our headquarters in Brenham, Texas
  • 2017
    Sabormex acquires Del Sol Food and we join La Costeña Group
  • 2019
    We launch BRIANNAS Organic Salad Dressings
  • 2019
    Acquisition of New Global Distribution Center in Brenham

State of the Art in the Heart of Texas

There are over 70 associates employed full-time at Del Sol Food, many of whom have been with the company for many years. In fact, half of our dedicated employees have been with us for over a decade!

All BRIANNAS salad dressings are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Brenham, Texas. In 2019, we expanded our operation with the addition of a new global warehouse and distribution center, in order to bring our exceptional products to even more consumers around the globe. All BRIANNAS salad dressings, including any future product offerings, will ship worldwide from our facility here in Brenham.

In 2019, Del Sol Food will sell over 18 million bottles of BRIANNAS salad dressing worldwide. Placed from end-to-end in a straight line, this would span 2,273 miles – that’s almost the width of the continental United States!

bottles across usa map

Quality That's All in the Family

The Del Sol Food Company is family-owned and operated. Through the years, the "family" has been instrumental in creating the award winning packaging and exceptional dressing recipes. Many of these recipes are unique to their flavor category.