Our Sustainability MissionPremium ingredients with sustainable packaging.

All BRIANNAS Packaging is Recyclable

Like many of you, BRIANNAS is committed to doing our part to protect our planet. We increased our sustainability efforts by sourcing eco-friendly packaging that can be fully recycled, so you can feel good about what happens to your BRIANNAS bottle after the final drop of dressing is gone.

In addition to the environmental factors, feedback from our loyal customers also informed our shift in packaging. These include improved tamper evidence and bottle security, energy efficiency, and easy-to-clean labels that won’t stain. This ensures that the packaging on every bottle of BRIANNAS salad dressing maintains the quality that our customers have come to know and love.

We’ve done some pretty exciting things in our company’s history, from winning over 35 industry taste awards to launching a new line of premium Organic and Avocado Oil based dressings. But the efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and increase sustainability may be our most exciting mission yet.

How To Recycle BRIANNAS Bottles

So you’ve finished a bottle of BRIANNAS! Now what? Each component of BRIANNAS packaging can be recycled, from the glass bottle and label to the cap and cap liner.

Follow these simple steps to ensure that you are recycling all components of your BRIANNAS bottle.

Component Recycling Code
Bottle #70
Cap #5
Cap Liner #2
Label #1

1. Rinse any excess dressing out of your BRIANNAS bottle.
2. Remove the label and cap from the glass bottle and recycle all components separately.
3. Remember that recycling procedures vary by city. Visit your local municipality’s website, or find a recycling location near you to make sure you’re following the proper procedures!

BRIANNAS Sustainable Manufacturing

In January 2020, we adopted a new method of shipping finished product to retailers and distributors in a way that reduced our cardboard usage by 400 tons per year. That’s equivalent to the weight of over 266,000 bottles of BRIANNAS salad dressing!

BRIANNAS global distribution warehouse was thoughtfully built under strict guidelines using the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, which is the national benchmark for the design, construction, and operations of high-performance green buildings. LEED certification is a globally-recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.

BRIANNAS manufacturing process also includes blending our dressings in small batches to minimize waste. By doing this, we make only as much dressing as we need to and don’t have an overproduction of product that is disposed of at the end of the day.