“Who doesn't love a good Italian Vinaigrette Dressing?! This dressing is one that you need to have as a staple in your house for yourself, for salads you take to parties (you can grab a bottle and take with you), for pasta salads, holiday salads, football Sundays and the list goes on and on and on…I truly feel 100% Italiano when having this dressing.”

Sandy Ferri - Meriden, CT

“Just wanted to tell you how much I am LOVING your dressings. I love salad and have one just about everyday..and I have finally broken away from my usual dressing....and probably won't go back!! I made a pasta salad for a church group with the French Vinaigrette and it was demanded I share the recipe!! Just wanted to say keep up the great work and I am very happy to have tried something new and at a great price!!! Have a wonderful day!”

Kim Cifarelli - Denham Springs, Louisiana

“This message is to compliment you on the ingredients used in the preparation of your products. As a breast cancer survivor, I am always searching for products which do not include soybean oil. The use of this oil is controversial for survivors whose cancer was fed by estrogen. Thank you so very much for offering such a delicious alternative.”

Carolyn Kirby – Greenville, North Carolina

“I am a very busy person and I told myself after dinner tonight I was going to take the time to write you no matter what! I cannot put into words how much I LOVE your French Vinaigrette. I feel like I have finally found my signature dressing. No sugar…perfect amt of tart and smooth. Thank you so much for making a beautiful tasting healthy dressing that I will buy forever. I never have less than 3 bottles on hand, and I love turning people on to it.....meets my raves everytime!! Please continue to make this perfect recipe…and again, Thank you!

Janene Ducharme – Saint Michael, Minnesota

I just finished my very first salad with your dressing on it, ran over to this laptop and started this email.
I've seen your dressings hundreds of times at the markets and never got it, until tonight. I bought the Italian Vinaigrette. I was completely shocked at how fantastic it is. It puts every other store bought dressing i have ever purchased to shame.
Before this evening, I was a confirmed Newman's Own and Ken's Italian and Vinaigrette customer, but not anymore. I'm now a confirmed BRIANNAS person!!!
Tonight's salad with lettuce, cucumber and your superb dressing was perhaps the best salad I have ever had. I've had lots of salads and lots of dressings, so that is really saying something!
I want to compliment me you on your excellent packaging, and superb dressing. I will now try some of your other dressings, too. Your Italian Vinaigrette is a fantastic thing. You've done a great job with it!!
Tonight's salad experience was for me kind of like trying a new wine that I never heard of, but really love.
Thank you for your excellent dressing. I'll be enjoying salads even more now that I've tried your dressings.
Thanks again.
Best Regards for a very happy holiday season!”

Daniel Mallock

“I love BRIANNAS dressing-they have made me eat more salads than I ever have. Plus I appreciate that they are completely safe for my peanut and tree nut allergic daughter (her favorite is the ranch).”

Gale Willy – Star City, Indiana

“I found a recipe on Pinterest that called for your poppyseed dressing. I served it to my family at thanksgiving and everyone raved about it and wanted to know where I got the dressing!
In this day and age where everyone had negative things to say, I just wanted to change it up and give you positive remarks and say how wonderful your product is and that you now have a few more fans!
Keep up the good work, and I certainly look forward to trying other favors!”


“Dear Sir or Madam,
Our grandson Stuart just loves your Salad Dressing. The thing is he never sees much of it now. A relative brings us some every now and then from Tesco Supermarket when she visits. Stuart wants to eat nearly all of it when when he visits. We can't stop him without bucket loads of tears. But dad, who is 84, has now come to live with us and he has acquired a taste for it and he wants to eat nearly all of it now. (We try to stop him but he also gives us bucket loads of tears!) It's like a war zone in our house. Young Stuart on one side and dad on the other. Pistols at dawn. My wife and I hardly get a taste. Still, we are glad that we can please Stuart (sometimes) and also please dad (who is a greedy old so and so). I would ask to get more but I know where it will end up. All in dad's stomach! Or in Stuart's!
Thank you very much for delicious dressing. In dad's words, The best thing since sliced bread!”

Stuart Cooper – United Kingdom

“Your salad dressings are the best! I love the serving suggestions. I very skeptically bought your honey mustard dressing, not usually my taste, because you said it would be great on avocados. So good! This is now something I will crave on a regular basis. Some of your dressing flavor are not available at my local grocery store, but I will be looking out for them. I don't think I ever need to wonder what dressing brand to buy anymore... You clearly know what you are doing. Thank you so much for your wonderful product!”

Sincerely, Bree Whiteley

“We tried this for the first time last night and it is absolutely fantastic. Going to try the others now. The whole family loved it, didn't realise there could be much difference between salad dressings until we tried yours. You beat the others on taste by far”

Corrie Thompson

“I must say, I was blown away by the oustanding taste of your blush wine vinaigrette dressing. My mother introduced me to it the past weekend and my wife and I already went out and bought a bottle. The taste really is exceptional, such a great blend of sweetness. Kudos for such an outstanding tasting product.”

Kelen – Cypress, TX

“I am willing to regularly pay a higher price for higher quality in certain products. The difference in quality and taste between BRIANNAS and Brand X might have been enough to put Ranch dressing on that list by itself, but what really sealed the deal was the fact that Brianna’s contains NO SOY. As a fit male, I avoid as much soy as I can and a delicious ranch made with Canola oil is a great find. Please keep it that way and trust that I will keep your dressing on my regular shopping list and try your other varieties as well. Thanks!”

Mike – Indian Trail, NC

“Thank you for making my daughter love salad! Last week we had a get-together with friends and one of the moms brought a salad. My 7 year old loved it so much that she brought salad everyday for lunch (so many of her classmates were asking to share) and she’s eaten one every night with dinner. We can’t wait to try more!”

Rochelle – Allston, MA

“I just wanted to write to tell you how amazing your dressing is! I have had a tough time getting my three-year-old to eat veggies. He is just so picky to the point of gagging because he just doesn’t like a variety of food. He really wanted a bite of my salad last week and I was anticipating a gag. He LOVED it. In fact, he now asks for a salad for meals and snacks! It is all because of your Poppyseed dressing! He just loves it. Even my one-year old tried it today and loved it…Thank you for providing something that even my children will eat!! I have been telling all of my friends because if you can get a toddler to eat a salad, that just has to be shared!!”

Kristin – California

“As I sit here eating a salad with your poppyseed dressing, I had to write to you & tell you guys how AWESOME every one of your dressings are. I am determined to try them all! I could have them with every meal for the rest of my life & be the happiest woman on Earth. You guys are wonderful. Thank you!!!!!!! :)”

Amy – Reno, NV

“Wow! I am not a salad dressing lover at all. I usually put a twist of lemon on my salads and have reluctantly tried a vinaigrette here and there. Tonight I brought yours home because it really looked good in the bottle. After the first bite I knew this was my new (first) favorite salad dressing…I wanted to lick the bowl! It is fabulous and I feel satisfied. I wanted to let you know how much I really loved this salad dressing. Thank you!”

Rosemary – Waverly, IA

“Honey Mustard is my favorite salad dressing. I always order it in restaurants, but have had trouble finding one in a store that is restaurant-quality…until yours!!! Your Honey Mustard Salad Dressing is absolutely delicious!!! Thank you for providing restaurant-quality salad dressing at home!!!”

Kimberely – Covington, LA

“Hello, just a quick note to let you know that I just recently stumbled upon BRIANNAS salad dressings at my local Whole Foods store and I think the Lively Lemon Tarragon is absolutely the best tasting salad dressing in the world! Keep up the good work! Thanks!”

James – Wheaton, Illinois

“Your Chipotle Ranch dressing is the best dressing I’ve ever had. The flavor is so mighty it would make pine needles edible. Thanks.”

Chris – Ann Arbor, MI

“You have TOTALLY outdone yourselves on the Ranch dressing. Never did I think someone would do it better than good old Hidden Valley Buttermilk Ranch, but you have far surpassed it in flavor and freshness. Is that dill in there? Yours has so much more of a burst of flavor. Hidden Valley is over in my fridge. I went back to HEB to get some more and there was only two bottles left. YIKES I remain faithful to many of your other dressings and have turned on many a friend to your products, but I had to write and commend you on the Ranch Dressing. I am eating it every day right now on many things from my garden.”


“BRIANNAS! Thank you for your excellent product! Last night, I said to my boyfriend: ‘It’s as if BRIANNAS said – we’re going to be AWESOME, and then they did it. And other dressing companies said –That’s good enough, people will buy it.’ Thank you SO much!!”

Olla, BRIANNAS Lover

“Let me join the cult following. This is by far the best salad dressing EVER! Sure, it costs more than regular salad dressing, but it is worth every cent. The taste is superb and I like the fact that it is premium.”

Lisa – Ontario, Canada

“Just tasted your Asiago Ceasar dressing for the first time, and it is absolutely terrific. Thanks for using canola oil rather than soybean oil, too. So many salad dressings today use soybean alone or in conjunction with other healthier oils, but you use only canola oil. Thanks for making a superior product that my family loves. We will be trying your other flavors now after being so pleased with our first bottle.”

Joanna – Olive Branch, MS

“I have to say thank you to your line of products for making family dinner possible at my house. I am a mother of three who works and is a full time student. When I went back to school I knew there would be sacrifices but I didn’t want to loose family time. Thanks to your dressings, (which I use for chicken marinades and steak marinades in addition to traditional dressing sauces and more) I am able to still offer a great dinner in a fraction of the time.!”

Sandra – Newman Lake, WA

“Thanks so much for making such great dressings. We are proud to put your dressing out on the table when we have guests over. It is so refreshing!”

Karissa – Spokane, WA

“I recently was looking for a poppy seed dressing and tried yours. I was blown away by the flavor and taste. I just bought the True Blue Cheese. WOW WOW. I will buy more and tell my friends and neighbors about your awesome product. Thanks for making a great dressing. I especially like the True Blue Cheese dressing with hot wings. I have tried others, but will buy your brands from now on.”

Nancy – St. Louis, MO

“We love your Chipotle Cheddar dressing. It’s certainly not just for salads – we use it as a dip for fried catfish, tacos, on sandwiches, for chicken fingers – the list goes on. Tasty! If you ever decide to stop making it, please let us know so we can order a case or two to stockpile”

Steve – Broomfield, CO

“My roommate and I are OBSESSED with BRIANNAS Poppy Seed dressing! We decided that a salad isn’t worth eating unless we have that dressing on it. We even take it to restaurants with us. Thank you for making it!”

Hilary – Orono, Maine

“Unbelievably, ridiculously, addictively awesome taste!”

Jennifer – Las Vegas, NV

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! After years of boring salads, I finally actually look forward to a salad at dinner. Instead of feeling punished, I feel like I am treating myself.”

Michelle (a new loyal customer) – Bloomington, Indiana

“I am glad there is a place to write to let you know I have tried many dressings in my 70 years and yours is by far the very best I have had. I get comments from friends and I am spreading the word. I am just now trying to buy all the great flavors. Keep up the good work!”

Doreen – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

“When we want to really splurge on a great full meal salad, we use your dressings because they add “magic” to the greens.”

Kathryn – Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Just wanted you to know that my wife and I love your dressings. Keep up the good work!“

Chris – Portland, Oregon

“I travel all over the country, and the one thing I can find and enjoy is your salad dressings. They are the finest I have ever used. Keep up the great work.”

James – Houston, Texas

“I just wanted you to know that I LOVE your salad dressings!!! I am very picky about salad dressings due to the use of MSG, preservatives and high fat content. I carefully read the labels of salad dressings and am impressed with your choice of ingredients. I am so happy to have found your products. Thank you for making wonderful salad dressings!”

Kerryann – Upland, California